Wednesday, 4 November 2009


The word is the Persian for 'paradise' - a place synonymous in that ancient culture with the garden, something I am closely involved in with my design work. The main feature of the ancient paradise garden was its quadripartite form - divided by canals or rills into four rectangular fields, planted with productive and shade-bearing trees and shrubs. My image was taken on a warm moonlit night in the courtyards of the palace of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. A concert elsewhere in the grounds supplied a background of the haunting songs of flamenco, and the evening was scented with jasmine. The Islamic garden, perfected here in the territory of al-Andalus, evolved from the Persian model, retaining the essential features necessary for gardens in arid, hot climates. This photograph seems an appropriate opener for my blog - I love the blurred image and the colours - evocative of an evening of sounds, scents and sights that typify Andalucia for many, myself included.

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