Monday, 8 February 2010

Objects of Desire 2

Beechwood Lemon Juicer
This is one of my favourite kitchen utensils, the pleasure in using it derived from the beauty of the object, which is entirely due to its function.  There are other juicers out there, but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it, and its predecessor was duly filed away in the ever-growing box of objects kept for that distant and probably mythical day when we have a holiday home to furnish.
It seems such a minor thing, but this implement shows that even the humblest object has the potential for great beauty if its functionality comes first.  Here, everything is gauged to work - the tip is sharp, as are the ridges for squeezing the pulp.  The head is broad, preventing the need to wiggle the juicer around in the lemon, but the most aesthetically attractive part of it is the collar, where the ridges meet the handle.  Beautifully sculptural, it gives the whole object an organic presence - there are echoes of seeds, pollen grains, plankton, in its form.  It's no surprise that it was made in Italy...

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